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10 Best 20th Birthday Quotes

Turning 20 is the milestone that transforms a person from a teenager to an adult. If you have a friend, a child, or a relative that will soon hit this age, it’s the best occasion to wish them well. Encourage and send all your best to the birthday boy or girl, with a meaningful 20th birthday quote.

Remind them of the great opportunities they have upfront and tell them to maintain their youthful spirit all the way. Yes, they will face struggles and challenging moments on their path, but wish them to stick to their principles and maintain their faith.

Wish them not to feel sorry for a bad experience and turn it into their advantage and learn their lesson from any challenging moment!


Happy 20th Birthday Quotes

1. As you step into your twentieth year, we hope that you can do the tango to the next milestone year with equal poise and grace as this one. Waltz your way through success, glide through challenges, jive with the highs and lows, and create memories that are no less exciting than a super salsa round.

20th birthday quotes


2. Raising the toast on your twentieth birthday and here is wishing you a terrific new decade filled with all things good and opportunities galore to celebrate the joy and opportunities that life bestows upon you. Our blessings are always with you at every point to help tide over difficult situations.

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3. Happy twentieth birthday, my dear little sunshine. Go rock the world and let your bright glowing smile help you take up every challenge with confidence. Have a blast today and every day because you deserve a cracker of a time every single moment.

20th birthday quotes


4. Now that you set foot in the twenties, it’s time to start the fun. Wish you luck and strength to tide over the ups and downs that life has in store. You will surely be able to face them with stoic calm and gumption and make us all proud of your achievements at every point.

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5. Twenty is not just a stepping stone into a more responsible life, but also your entry pass to a lot of fun and games. Make sure that you play your cards well and make every moment matter. I wish you success and joy in every mission that you undertake.

20th birthday wishes


6. As you blow those twenty candles, we pray for a wonderful year ahead for you. May you be blessed with joy, peace of mind, health and happiness in every avenue of life. May all your life goals come true, and you are able to realize every dream you ever dreamt.

best 20th birthday quotes


7. Let the rich bag of experience, excitement and empowerment unfold as you turn twenty. May education, employment and enhancement of skills pave the way of success as you step into the most crucial phase of your life that promises to get better with every minute.

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8. On your twentieth birthday, we wish you abundant joy. Let life offer your feisty treat every single day and create moments that matter more than a lifetime filled with boredom. Stretch your arms and embrace life as it comes, and we promise to keep your wellbeing always our priority.

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9. Time flies so fast, and you zoomed past your teens in what seems just seconds. We hope and pray that the twenties offer even better and greater opportunities for you and help you make a wonderful foundation for a super satisfying personal and professional life going forward.

 quotes for 20th birthday


10. You are twenty now! Go ahead and rule life with charm and chutzpah. Let every moment teach you something new and make every moment as special and memorable as you can. Let your drive for perfection and creative instincts leave its indelible mark on every aspect of life that you touch upon.

20th birthday quotes