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Andreea Haba

Andreea Haba, Senior Writer

Lives in: Romania

Expertise: Writing, Grooming, Hair, Makeup

Education: Titu Maiorescu University

Experience: 10 years

Major Publications: Hairstyle Camp, Hadviser, Macho Hairstyles, NailDesignCode

Meet the gal who’s absolutely obsessed with everything social media – yep, that’s her! Ever since high school, she’s been all about crafting words and that’s what nudged her into the PR and social media scene. Now, she can’t get enough of it. Outside of the online world, she’s a big animal lover with two adorable pups keeping her company. Reading is her go-to way to unwind and savor some ‘me’ time. When it comes to her hair, she’s a true color chameleon – always up for some bright, bold hues and definitely not one to shy away from a shake-up!

Latest From Andreea Haba

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30 Happy Birthday Wishes for Stepdad

In life, things can take an unexpected turn, and some people may appear and look sent by God to care and support you. If you have a one-of-a-kind stepdad, you should certainly feel very lucky and grateful. Having a paternal figure is very important to any kid, especially since this man stepped into your family …

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30 Happy 5 Year Work Anniversary Wishes

When you wish a girl or a guy a Happy 5 Year Work Anniversary you probably have a hardworking colleague that knows what he wants in life and tries his best at work. These dedicated people are hard to find and they need to know appreciated they are for their work and perseverance. They need …

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30 Have A Great Day At Work Wishes & Quotes

We all love to get attention from the ones we love, even if we’re talking about important events like birthdays.  We love to receive cards with cute wishes, or simple texts like have a good day at work messages. As Mondays are usually tough days at the office and most of us consider it the …

happy 21st birthday wishes for daughter

30 Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter

You can’t turn 21 without a killer party and if your daughter is approaching that moment, brighten her day with a full of meaning Happy Birthday wish or message. This age is the sign that your baby girl is no longer a teenager, and she’s about to transform into a beautiful young woman. Turning 21 …

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50 Heart-Melting Wishes for Grandson

Your grandson’s party is the best occasion to put a smile on his face with a beautiful message and a present. No matter his age, he will feel so happy to know that you remembered his birthday. When it comes to the grandparents – grandson relationship, the spoiling never ends. As a child, he always …

I Love You No Matter What Quotes

40 “I Love You No Matter What” Quotes

Be aware cuz things are about to get cheesy with these I love you no matter what quotes. So, if you and your partner are irremediable romantics, you’ll love to exchange passionate lines. When you send such quotes to your favorite person, you want to show them what they mean to you. Most of the …

birthday wishes for granddaughter

50 Best Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter

Wish your granddaughter a Happy Birthday by getting her a gift that will remind her of you and by writing a few words that she will cherish. As grandparents, we tend to spoil our grandchildren because they mean the world to us and they are our pride and joy. Your granddaughter is your little gem …

happy weekend quotes

40 Happy Weekend Quotes to Put a Smile on Your Face

They say that the key to success is to love your job but even so, most of us spend weekdays at the office, away from our families and on Fridays we are all excessively thinking about a small break. Weekends are those days of the week when we dedicate our time to those we love, …

Funny birthday wishes for husband

50 Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband

Your husband is like your partner in crime and if you are not one of those cheesy couples, he will adore a funny Happy Birthday husband wish for this occasion. Your husband’s birthday is a perfect occasion to celebrate the loving moment while bringing laughter to his special day. He is the love of your life, …

Death Anniversary Quotes

150 Powerful Death Anniversary Quotes to Cherish Memories

When someone passes away, we have to pay our respects and honor his memory, especially during his death anniversary. We must make sure they will never be forgotten and stand close to his grieving family who, during this awful day, are feeling unhappy and blue. Stand by their relative’s side and comfort them, reassuring them …

birthday wishes for little brother

35 Birthday Wishes for Little Brother

You would be tempted to say that your little brother is the most annoying member of the family, whether you are his older brother or sister. He is noisy, gets all the attention, and you are constantly getting grounded for his mistakes, but, at the end of the day, you know you love him to …

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75 Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Mother in Law

Your mother in law means the world to your husband or wife, and even if sometimes she is too much to handle, you must remind yourself and her that you both have the same goal, making her son or daughter happy. She can be so overprotective sometimes, but you know your mother is the same, …

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20 Thank You Messages for Sister-in-law

Give your sister-in-law the best wishes and messages and show her how important she is to you. Having such a pure soul in your life is quite a blessing and you need to let her know how much you respect and appreciate her. She is the one that makes your brother or your sister happy and …

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30 Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Stepmom

If you have been blessed with a good stepmom, that offers unconditional love, you need to show your appreciation and tell her how grateful you are for her presence in your life. Also, if she takes care of you like you are her own child, your stepmom needs all the respect in the world, and …

Good Luck on Your New Adventure Quotes

45 Good Luck on Your New Adventure Quotes

New adventures are always exciting news! If one of your best friends is getting married to the love of their life, traveling abroad, or moving to a new city for a job, they’re about to embark on a new journey, and they need all the support from loved ones. Show them you have confidence in …

happy birthday in heaven grandma quotes

30 Happy Birthday in Heaven Grandma Wishes

Even if your grandmother passed away, you still feel the need to tell her happy birthday each year. This day will probably accentuate the grief of losing her and never being able to see her again, but it’s also a perfect moment to reflect and remember how much she loved and cared for you. Her …

funny birthday wishes for coworker

25 Funny Birthday Wishes for Coworker

Every time we get a new job, we hope we’ll also have funny colleagues with whom we can at least relate and have a minimum good time at the office. If you have mates that know how to brighten your day, even during those days when you just want to quit and go home, these …

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40 Funny Birthday Wishes for Son

If your son is a funny little man that adores pranks and unconventional stuff, he will more likely appreciate a funny message for his birthday. You already have a powerful connection with him so make sure that on this special occasion, he constantly has a big smile upon his face. Tell your son that he …

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50 Encouraging Words for My Sister

Whether it is your sibling’s first day at a new job, she’s preparing to meet her boyfriend’s parents, or she is at a low point in her life, she needs some encouraging words. Make her feel appreciated with a card or a message that comes straight from the heart. People say that connections between brothers …

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10 Best 20th Birthday Quotes

Turning 20 is the milestone that transforms a person from a teenager to an adult. If you have a friend, a child, or a relative that will soon hit this age, it’s the best occasion to wish them well. Encourage and send all your best to the birthday boy or girl, with a meaningful 20th …

Fiance Quotes

20 Best Fiance Quotes

All this time, you kept searching for the right person for that one girl with whom you want to spend our whole life. When you finally met the woman of your dreams, you instantly felt ready to tie the knot and marry this fantastic, gorgeous, intelligent person. She is your other half and you know …

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25 Happy 60th Birthday Wishes

When a person reaches 60 years old, they’re celebrating a new milestone that usually shows all the experience they gained during all these years. They have had both heartbreaking and joyful moments and have become that person younger ones reach for guidance.  These fantastic people need to feel loved and adore to gather all their …

Motivational Quotes for Employees

20 Motivational Quotes for Employees

When things get tough at work, your employees need motivation and a reminder that they’re doing a great job. As a boss, it can be a little bit of a struggle also to be a leader, to gain your team’s trust but, at the same time, maintain your authority. Always remind them about all those …

birthday wishes for brother

35 Birthday Wishes for Brother

Most brothers have a special unbreakable connection that doesn’t leave room for any interference. We all know how dynamic can these relations be because one moment you two are inseparable, and the next, you are doing pranks on each other. But, at the same time, when you have some big exciting news, your brother is …

happy 40th birthday wishes

15 Happy 40th Birthday Wishes

Turning 40 years old is a new milestone that, most of the time, shows the experience you’ve gathered and the lessons you’ve learned. It is a moment of celebration, mostly because at this age, you already have grown-up kids, and a new stage is about to begin. You need to fully take advantage of these …

happy birthday wishes for nephew

23 Happy Birthday Wishes for Nephew

As uncles and aunts, each time your family expands and you get a nephew or niece, you feel like God sent little angels for you to spoil and love. Your small nephew is just like your own son, you care for him deeply, as much as you love for your own children. When we have …

happy 2nd birthday wishes

23 Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes

The 2nd birthday of a child is as important as the first. It is the best occasion to celebrate his growth, his new teeth, those sweet innocent years when you can still grab his chubby, fluffy cheeks. Even if the little boy or girl doesn’t understand what it’s happening, it is very nice to create …

strong mom quotes

10 Best Strong Mom Quotes

Mothers are the symbol of unconditional love, strength, and courage. They are never trained for “the most difficult job in the world,” but they always seem to find new resources when it comes to providing for their children. Our mothers always put our demands first, and many times neglect their own needs for their offsprings. …

happy birthday wishes for cousin sister

15 Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

When you are an only child but have a lot of cousins that are around your age, you develop long-lasting relationships, just like brothers and sisters. So if you have a cousin that you don’t mind calling your sister and today is her birthday, you need to make her feel perfect during this big day. …

Happy 100th Birthday Wishes

20 Happy 100th Birthday Wishes

Happy 100th Birthday Grandma and Grandpa! We all want to say these words and make sure that our grandparents have long-lasting, healthy, comfortable lives. If your family is being blessed with such awesome folks, it’s certainly a moment of celebration! When grandma and grandpa are 100 years old, in some cases, your family is big, …