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19 Belated Birthday Wishes

You know how they say, better late than never! If you have a friend or relative and you completely forgot about their birthday, you can still send a happy birthday wish or message to them. Ask them to accept your apologies for not texting them in time and wish them to stay healthy and happy for the rest of their life.

Some might get offended that you didn’t remember about their birthday, but you can still send them your wishes and save the situation. After all, all they care about is to know your love for them deeply. You can even send them a surprise gift if you are trying to make amends. Check down below 19 ways to wish a belated Happy Birthday!


Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

1. Happy belated birthday to a great person. I hope this year brings a ton of happiness and prosperity in your life. May God bless you.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes


2. Sending lots of warm prayers and late birthday wishes to you for you. I hope this was a wonderful day for you that you remember forever. Happy birthday.

 belated birthday wishes to friend


3. Happy birthday to an exceptional human. Please accept my belated birthday wishes. I hope your day was full of happiness and joy. You deserve it.

belated happy birthday wishes quotes


4. I am really sorry I forgot your birthday. Happy belated birthday to one of the liveliest and cheeriest people I’ve evet. May God always keep you smiling.

Belated Birthday Wishes


5. My dear friend, wishing you a belated birthday. I am very grateful for God to give me someone like you. I hope you had a good time.

 belated birthday wishes for best friend


6. Happy belated birthday to you, friend. I hope you were filled with joy and peace on your birthday. I wish to God to give you tons more of such days.

 sincere belated birthday wishes


7. Happy belated birthday my friend. I am sorry for being late. Sending lots of love your way. I hope you get to have an amazing year ahead.

 belated happy birthday wishes for girl


8. Happy belated birthday to an amazing human. I know I’m late in wishing you and I hope you would forgive me. I hope it was a great day.

Belated Happy Birthday Messages


9. Happy belated birthday to you. Sending lots of love and hugs your way. I hope it would be enough to make up for being late.

Belated Happy Birthday Quotes


10. I would like to send tons of blessings, prayers, and belated birthday wishes to you. I apologize for being late. Happy birthday, dear. Enjoy this time.

 happy belated birthday wishes for her


11. Happy belated birthday to you, dear. I apologize for not being on time. To make up for it, let’s celebrate your birthday for the rest of this week!

 happy belated birthday wishes


12. Happy belated birthday my dear friend. May all your dreams and wishes come true. I hope you had a splendid day. Enjoy this time.

Happy belated birthday to my dear friend


13. Happy belated birthday dear. I’m sorry for being late. The only reason I didn’t wish you on time was that I wanted to make this whole week about you. Let’s enjoy it.

belated happy birthday wishes for wife


14. Happy belated birthday, dear! I hope that you get all the joy and happiness that your heart can take. You certainly deserve the world.

Birthday Wishes for Belated Birthday


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15. Happy belated birthday to a very dear person. I apologize for being late. I hope God has His gracious and generous hand over you for as long as you shall live.

belated birthday messages for friend


16. Happy belated birthday, my dear. Even though I am late in wishing you, I still hope that you get to make this year a beautiful one.

happy belated birthday wishes for niece


17. Happy birthday to my dear friend. I am sending you my belated wish today. May you get lots of reasons to smile today and every day.

 belated birthday wishes


18. To my dear friend, today I would like to send tons of hugs and love and along with them, my late birthday wishes as well.

 belated birthday wishes for friend


19. Happy belated birthday! I can’t believe I have such an amazing friend as you who would love and forgive me for forgetting your birthday.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes