20 Death Anniversary Quotes

When someone passes away, we have to pay our respects and honor his memory, especially during his death anniversary. We must make sure they will never be forgotten and stand close to his grieving family who, during this awful day, are feeling unhappy and blue.

Stand by their relative’s side and comfort them, reassuring them God welcomed the deceased’s soul with open hands and that he can see all of us from Heaven, watching every step they take, guiding them. Express your condolences by standing by family and supporting them with everything.

If you are a person who lost someone you cared for and loved deeply, this is must be a challenging moment for you, but you need to be reminded that your lost ones will always remain in your heart. These death anniversary quotes will help you feel better in these hard times.


Emotional Death Anniversary Quotes

1. They might be gone but their memory will never be forgotten. Such special people might leave our life but they live in our hearts forever. Their memories will always stay in our hearts, bittersweet, and forever.

Death Anniversary


2. This day comes every year and a huge pang of memories hit me to remind me what I’ve lost. Even though I live with these memories every day but they get stronger and harsher on the anniversary of the day.

 father death anniversary quotes


3. Another year has passed of me being here without you. There is not a single day when I haven’t missed your presence and your warmth around me.  Every day I am reminded of what I have lost and try to make my peace with it. You are missed.

death anniversary quotes for husband


4. Your presence around me was the most beautiful thing in my life. Losing you has been horrible and I can’t imagine spending any more of my days without yet I carry on because I know that’s what you would’ve wanted. I miss you.

 quotes for anniversary death


5. I don’t believe them when they say that time heals all wounds. The wound I got after you left is still as bad as it was on that. It keeps reminding me of all that I had with you and  I wish to God to give me some peace.

Death Anniversary Quotes


6. Another year has passed of you not being here with me. It has been extremely difficult without you and I miss you with every heartbeat.  I wish to God that you are in a better place wherever you are. I miss you.

death anniversary quotes for friend


7. You were an exceptional human. Your role n my life was a crucial one and today on the anniversary of the day you left me I would like to thank you. I would like to thank you for all that you did for me. I miss you.

Death Anniversary quotes


8. Today is the anniversary of you passing away. It is the day when I lost the most important thing ever. It is the day you left and took my heart with you. Your presence is dearly missed.

 anniversary of your death quotes


9. You were extremely special to me and no words will ever be able to explain what you meant to me. Losing you is the worst thing I ever had to face and I wish I can be with you again.

Death Anniversary


10. I have the most beautiful memories with you and whenever I remember that I won’t be able to make any more with you, I am filled with dread and sadness. I just want you to know that I treasure each and every one of our memories.

death anniversary quotes and messages


11. As another year passes, I can’t help but think of all the beautiful years had with you. I keep praying for more yet I know I won’t get any. Your absence has made my heart sad and I can’t seem to get over it. I miss you.

 two year death anniversary quotes


12. You were the best thing that ever happened to me. I try to find comfort in the thought that you are always beside me, grinning and laughing at all the silly things I am doing. I miss you and would do anything to get you back.

 anniversary of loved ones death quotes


13. It is another year since you left us. The entire time period seemed longer than a year for my heart misses you too much. Each second without you seems to prolong and I can’t help but miss you with every breath.

Quotes for Death Anniversary


14. Even though you are gone I’d like to think that you are always here by my side like my guardian angel. Your memories help me in keeping you alive and each year instead of fading away they get even clearer and brighter.

Death Anniversary Sayings


15. It is the anniversary of the day you left me alone in this world. The only thing that brings me comforts the thought that you are in a better place now. I just wish and hope that I could be with you. Wherever you are for my heart misses you too much.

death anniversary quotes for wife


16. You were a beautiful human being. You helped lots of people throughout your life and none of it went to waste for even today, another year since you left there are still tons of people remembering you. remembrance quotes for death anniversaries


17. You are alive in our hearts, our minds, and our memories and we intend to treasure those forever for as long as we shall live. I’m not worried after that, for then we shall be reunited and together again.

 one year 1st death anniversary quotes


18. Today is the anniversary of the day when you left me. I miss basking in the warmth of your presence. Your love, care, generosity, kindness, and beauty are still embedded in my brain and my heart and I miss every inch of you dearly.

Death Anniversary Quotes


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19. As another year passes I want you to know that you may have lost the difficult battle with life but are a hero in my eyes and will never be anything else. I can’t wait to be reunited with you. I hope you are doing good wherever you are. I miss you.

 remembering death anniversary quotes


20. I know my love for you is stronger than anything for today marks another year of not having you here and my love keeps getting sharper and stronger. It would be an understatement to say that I miss you. I feel incomplete without you and I hope you are in a better place now.

remembrance of death anniversary quotes