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10 Inspiring Diversity and Inclusion Quotes

Now more than ever is a time when justice, peace, and equality are at the forefront of everyone’s lives. It’s being brought to the world’s attention that no matter how different our opinions are, at the end of the day we are all the same: we are all human.

A diversity and inclusion quote can be just what your friends, coworkers, or the community needs to feel included and heard.

No matter how you say it – printed on a bumper sticker, on your Facebook each week, or in a newsletter to your neighborhood – everyone can benefit from a diversity and inclusion quote. They’ll make someone feel important, acknowledged, and respected by you. Things everyone needs right now.

Check out the diversity and inclusion quotes below for great words on supporting people everywhere.


Quotes about Diversity and Inclusion

1. The color of my skin says nothing about me except for the melanin percentage. Stop racism!

diversity and inclusion quotes


2. We can’t ignore diversity. We can only preserve and cherish it. Open your eyes to the racism and inequality that still remains. Only by knowing how far we are from equality, can we unlock our full potential.

quotes about diversity and inclusion


3. Diversity is all about accepting that we all are different yet the same. Embracing diversity will be the ultimate test of our civilization.

quotes about diversity and inclusion


4. Diversity is the answer to the intolerance problem of society. You need to practice inclusion as a key to growth, and not just for political correctness.

diversity and inclusion quotes


5. The only thing that we all have in common is our differences. They can be challenging. But, society can move forward only if we can manage those differences and create a harmonious world.

Diversity and inclusion quotes


6. Only through diversity do we have strength and beauty. Teach your children that. It is your responsibility as a parent to teach them about how beauty and strength both are associated with diversity.

diversity and inclusion phrases


7. Diversity is a basic characteristic of our society. Without accepting it, we will never move forward.

diversity equity and inclusion quotes


8. Open your eyes to the inequality that still persists in the world. Until then, we will never know our full potential.

diversity and inclusion quotes for the workplace


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9. You need to get past your own unconscious perceptions. If you are not able to let go of your own biases, you won’t be able to create a diverse and inclusive society.

Diversity and inclusion quotes


10. Diversity is what exists and Inclusion is what must be done to embrace the existence of diversity.

quotes about diversity and inclusion