10 Encouraging Words for My Sister

Whether it is your sibling’s first day at a new job, she’s preparing to meet her boyfriend’s parents, or she is at a low point in her life, she needs some encouraging words. Make her feel appreciated with a card or a message that comes straight from the heart.

People say that connections between brothers and sisters are sometimes more profound than the ones between parents and their children. If you and her share that love and adore to spend time together, tell her that you cherish her company and make sure she really knows how you feel.

A few encouraging words for your sister will definitely put a big smile on her face, and she will feel loved and will think she has the best brother or sister in the whole wide world!


Words of Encouragement for Sister

1. Dearest sister, you are doing great and we couldn’t be prouder of you for who you are. Keep going and you’ll get what you want.

Encouraging Words for My Sister


2. You mean the world to us and it does not matter whether you succeed or fail, we are always here for you. But of course, we know that you will succeed with all the willpower you have!

Encouraging Words for Younger Sister


3. My precious sister, I am always in awe of the person you have become. You are so diligent, brave, and strong that nothing can ever defeat you.

Best Encouraging Words for Sister


4. This world was incomplete without you in it but then you came, and the world became a better place. So, please don’t ever stop making this world beautiful!

Words for Encouraging My Sister


5. Struggling to achieve what you believe in may sound difficult but when you know in your heart that you want it, no one can stop you from getting it, dear sister.

Positive Encouraging Quotes for My Sister


6. It feels so strange that some time back you were a little doll and now you are all grown up with so much resilience and courage that inspires everyone around you.

Encouraging Words for Little Sister


7. Don’t ever stop believing in yourself because you are the source of encouragement for many people around you. Dear sister, you can move mountains with your pretty smile.

Encouraging Words for My Sister


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8. Your strength is what motivates me to go one step further and it is you who supplies our whole house with energy to do better. You are amazing, dear sister!

Encouraging Words for Elder Sister


9. Not everyone is born with the kind of luck that I have because I have an elder sister like you! Stay strong because you have always taught me that!

Words to Encourage Your Sister


10. You can always count on us for cheering for your success because we know that no matter what, you will succeed in the end.

Encouraging Quotes for Sister