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20 Farewell Wishes to Coworkers

Is your favorite coworker or someone you worked closely with leaving work for another job or moving away? No matter the circumstances, you need to make sure you show your gratitude and best farewell wishes for them!

Wishing your coworkers a great future is not only respectful, it’s just a nice gesture in general. Wouldn’t you appreciate it if they did the same for you?

Make the best impression and leave your professional relationship on a great note by using one of the farewell wishes below. You can use them to insert in a card, send in a quick email, or just say right to their face before their last day.

Make the wish even better by personalizing it with their name and adding a favorite work memory. It’s sure to be something they cherish!


Best Farewell Wishes for Your Coworkers

1. I wish you a life full of joy and happiness and always remember that I’ve really enjoyed my time working with you. I just want to say good luck as you begin a new chapter in your life.

farewell wishes to coworker


2. You were not just a colleague but a better friend and I’ll miss you and think about you and the old good times and sweet memories we have. All the best buddy.

farewell wishes for colleague


3. You may have given your resignation from this organization and your employment in this organization may finish but the sweet memories of working with you will never fade away. Farewell, buddy.

best farewell wishes to coworker leaving


4. You may no longer be my co-worker and you may not be working by my side but always remember that our friendship will remain the same even if we are not together. Good luck mate.

farewell wishes for colleague


5. It was an honor for our organization to have someone like you and having you as my partner was one of the best experiences I had in my work. Farewell.

goodbye wishes to coworker


6. I just want to say if I ever treated you wrong or if I unintentionally hurt your feelings or if I ever let you down or If I did a mistake. I’m sorry and thanks for treating me the right way. I’ll miss you best of luck mate.

good luck message for coworker


7. Maybe we may not in the same office but I can assure you that whenever I’ll see that chair of yours and your table empty I’ll miss you. Farewell lad.

farewell wishes to coworker leaving


8. Your resignation was a bad reminder for me to realize that all good things in the world would come to an end but I’m happy that our friendship will remain alive. Best wishes.

farewell wishes to coworker


9. What we learned from you is something we cannot speak of and there are no words to define the loss I’m going to have with you, not by my side but wherever you go may succeed shines your way. Best wishes mate.

goodbye message to coworker


10. You always supported me whenever I made mistakes and people would laugh you were there for me always and you have encountered every problem with me. I’ll miss you and I wish you a happy successful life ahead.

farewell message for coworker


11. I always thought you of a friend more than a colleague and you have been a great friend at work too. I wish you a successful life ahead.

farewell wishes to colleague


12. You have been consistent with your work and your skills to make decisions at the right time has always surprised us. I wish you all the best for you.

goodbye wishes for coworker


13. Even though if I failed my task and even though if I misbehaved your support and encouragement have always been inseparable. Thank you and I wish you all the best.

farewell wishes to coworker leaving


14. Your contributions and dedication will always remain on the top priority in this organization, thanks to the company. All the best mate.

farewell wishes for colleague


15. Thanks for being on my side on those hectic days, you were the best colleague one can ask for. Best wishes.

goodbye wishes for coworker


16. I just wanted to say that even though you will move ahead in your life and all the success will bow down to you. You just have to remember that the time we spent is something I can’t forget. I wish you all the best.

farewell wishes to coworker


17. I still remember the first day when you came to the office you were all determined to achieve your goals and now when you are leaving us we all are saddened, but again happy for you and your future. Farewell, my friend.

farewell wishes to coworker leaving


18. Sitting in a meeting room alone with your empty chair right beside me will always be something that I’ll never forget. I love you and I wish you all the best.

farewell wishes for colleague


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19. Right now there are two symptoms that I’m facing one is that I’m happy for you to work your way in and all the success you’ll have but the other one is the sadness that I’m facing and how much will I miss you, I wish you all the best.

goodbye wishes for coworker


20. It was a pleasure working with you, the time we spent, and the moments we shared. Farewell, buddy till we see each other again.

farewell wishes to coworker