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40 Happy Weekend Quotes to Put a Smile on Your Face

They say that the key to success is to love your job but even so, most of us spend weekdays at the office, away from our families and on Fridays we are all excessively thinking about a small break.

Weekends are those days of the week when we dedicate our time to those we love, we get to spend more time with them or use these spare days to pursue our hobbies. We spend time in nature, visit places, or just relax at home, on the couch, watching Netflix.

However, after a long exhausting week, this is our time to recharge our batteries, to take care of the house, or simply enjoy some days off. Use them to disconnect from your work and spoil yourself with all the things you love and cherish. Here are some happy weekend quotes that will brighten your day and which you can send to your loved ones!

Happy Weekend Wishes

1. It’s a new day and a very happy one at that because it starts at the weekend. Make the most out of it.

Happy Weekend Quotes

2. What is sweeter than a cake and more delicious than a free treat? A weekend!

 cute happy weekend quotes

3. The only amazing end is the weekend. Enjoy it as much as you can.

Happy Weekend Messages

4. The weekend is for us as carrots are for rabbits. Simply yummy.

happy weekend wishes

5. This weekend try to go out more instead of staying in your room. You might witness a miracle.

happy family weekend quotes

6. A weekend is your escape from all the workload and boring stuff so don’t waste it doing dull work. Instead, look for an adventure and make your weekend the highlight of your year.

Happy Weekend Quotes for Family

7. What is that thing that says end but is only the start of a fun journey? A weekend!

happy weekend quotes and sayings

8. A weekend can bring the most insane opportunities. It is the part of your week where you get to do anything and everything so, use it wisely.

 happy weekend quotes for friends

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9. Bake that cake you have been thinking of doing all through the week, it is weekend, baby!

 happy weekend quotes for her

10. We love the weekend and it is insane what sweet pleasures it can have in store for us if we spend it the right way. So, enjoy it while it lasts.

quotes about happy weekend

“Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.”
“Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look great from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.”
“Weekends are like a pause button in the movie of life.”
“On the weekends, I prefer to think of myself as a highly motivated, super-efficient sloth.”
“Weekends are a reminder that life is too short to be spent at a desk.”
“I have a love-hate relationship with weekends. Love the freedom, hate the hangover.”
“Weekends are the perfect time to indulge in a little procrastination.”
“Weekends are meant to be spent with good friends, great food, and plenty of laughter.”
“The only thing better than a long weekend is a short work week.”
“I love weekends because they are a chance to recharge my batteries and do absolutely nothing with guilt-free abandon.”

“Weekends are a reminder that every day is a new opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.”
“Weekends are the perfect time to embrace the beauty of simplicity and recharge your batteries.”
“The best weekends are those spent with loved ones, making memories that will last a lifetime.”
“Weekends are like a reset button, allowing us to forget the stress of the week and recharge for the next one.”
“Weekends are a time for rest, rejuvenation, and reflection on all of life’s blessings.”
“Weekends are the perfect time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and appreciate the beauty of the world around us.”
“Weekends are the perfect opportunity to escape the stresses of everyday life and enjoy the things that truly matter.”
“Weekends are a chance to recharge, reconnect, and refocus on what’s important in life.”
“Weekends are a time for adventure, exploration, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.”
“Weekends are a gift, allowing us to take a step back and appreciate the beauty of life.”

Happy Weekend Quotes:

Short Happy Weekend Status to Share on Facebook or Instagram

Weekends are life’s pause button.
Embrace the weekend with joy.
Let your weekend be filled with wonder.
Unwind, relax, and enjoy the weekend.
Weekends are for making memories.
Find happiness in every weekend moment.
Let go of stress, the weekend is here.
Weekend adventures await you.
Breathe in the weekend, exhale worries.
Give your soul a weekend vacation.