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10 Fighting Quotes for Husband and Wife

Sometimes, when you don’t know the right words to say to your husband or wife when you’re fighting, a quote is best for conveying how you feel. They can some everything up in just a few short sentences, taking the work out of figuring out what you’re feeling.

Each one of the quotes below will help you figure out what you’re feeling, whether it’s hurt, angry, betrayed, or all of the above.

If you just had a blowout fight or even just a little spat with your husband or wife, instead of keeping your emotions bottled up and screwed down, grab one of these 10 quotes to send to them. Text, email, or even reading it while on the phone will make you feel so much better.


Husband and Wife Fighting Quotes

1. The sun kept on with its slipping away, and I thought what number of small excellent things within the world is probably resting on the shoulders of something terrible.

The saddest thing is when you are feeling down, you go searching and realize that there’s no shoulder for you. Temporary happiness isn’t worth long-time pain. Love can definitely be measured by using actions.

It may be a small thing, including peeling an orange for a person you love due to the fact you recognize they don’t like doing it.

husband and wife fighting quotes


2. I wonder if you recognize what you are doing to me. It’s tough to stand around for something which you recognize might not happen but it’s even more difficult to give up when you recognize it’s the whole thing you ever wanted. My disappointment has emerged as an addiction whilst I’m no longer sad, I experience loss.

I begin to panic searching for my way returned which leads me back to my original state and even after coming back to my original state I can not bear the pain you gave me through your words and actions.

fighting quotes for husband and wife


3. Some of the most important challenges in relationships come from the fact that many human beings enter into one to get something. But the best way to make a relationship last is if you see it as something that you have to give, not to take.

husband and wife fighting quotes


4. A breakup can be like a damaged mirror. It is better to go away than hurt yourself trying to pick up all the damaged pieces.

But grief makes a monster out of us once in a while and from time to time we say and do things to the humans we love which you can’t forgive yourself for. Even though you saw it coming from a mile away, it still hurts.

husband and wife quarrel quotes


5. I leave out how happy I was when I was with you. I miss your smile, but I missed mine more. I thought I got over you, but whenever my phone vibrates or rings, I find myself wishing it was a text from you. I long for the day I can forget about you or until the day you realize you can’t forget me.

I’m barely breathing with a broken heart that is still beating. The same heart which was once beating for you.  Even if my heart stops beating for you my brain starts to think about you and the time we spent together was the best time I ever had in my entire life.

I just wish I could turn back time and redo everything. If everything was just like a program where you could easily end stuff and start over like a refreshed body and a healthy soul… but unfortunately mine’s stuck with your type of love virus that infects me every day.

husband and wife fighting quotes


6. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. It is far better to be by myself than to be in a horrific company. It is sad how a person can go from being the reason you were smiling to being the reason that you cry yourself to sleep.

It is the hardest thing no longer being able to talk to a person that you used to speak to every day. It takes longer to build a relationship than it does to ruin one.

quotes on husband and wife fights


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7. If you love someone, set them free. If they don’t come back to you, then it’s not meant to be. If you begin to miss me, remember I didn’t walk away. You let me go.

In some relationships there comes a time when two people just outgrow each other. You don’t know how much you hurt my soul and my life. All I ever wanted was to see you with me in this life but you wanted to drift away from me.

husband wife quarrel quotes


8. I know every so often we fuss and fight. I understand occasionally I frustrate you and I know sometimes you make me mad but I know you’re my better half and without you, my day is half whole.

I know tomorrow you won’t be here with me but know that you’ll always have an important place in my heart and my soul.

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9. However much you wanted someone, know there was nothing you could do to make it happen. Anything you did would never be enough. It wouldn’t be enough to prevent them from walking away.

One day you’re going to remember me and how much I cherished you, then you’ll hate yourself for letting me leave.

fighting quotes for husband and wife


10. I could say a thousand words, but they would all be mindless. You have left me with nothing and your words hurt me a lot. You left me alone with your actions which were more than enough to break me into pieces and now the damage is done.

husband and wife fighting quotes