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20 Happy Anniversary Quotes for Parents

When you see how much your parents love each other, you know that this is what you want in life: someone who cares for you unconditionally, who supports you in everything you do, who stands by your side through hard times.

As a child, we take our parents as role models and we tend to be attracted by other people who resemble them. Each anniversary, they remind us about our goals in life and the beauty of being able to rely on each other.

Celebrate with them, tell your parents why they are the perfect match and that you admire the way they always make it work, even after so many years of marriage. If the subject is too emotional for you, discover below the best ways to wish your parents a happy anniversary.


Anniversary Wishes for Parents

1. Seeing you two together has strengthened my belief in love. The bond you both share is beautiful and evergreen. Happy anniversary to the best couple ever. I wish for you to have many more such beautiful years ahead.

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Parents


2. When I see you two sit together and have a cup of coffee every morning in bed, I am constantly reminded that true love never falters. There are bound to be some highs and lows but when you love some you stick by them forever. Happy anniversary!

 happy anniversary message to parents


3. Seeing you two fulfil you vows to each other warms my heart. The vows that you made years and years ago are still fulfilled today, and I wish tons of happiness and joy for the both of you. Happy anniversary.

 happy anniversary wishes for parents


4. You have made me realize how true love means loving your partner harder on their bad days and looping an arm around their on their good ones. Life is full of good and bad days. All one needs to do is stand by their loved one’s side. Happy anniversary!

happy marriage anniversary quotes for parents


5. One more year down! One more year of laughter and teasing and bickering, one more year of happy tears, and good news and beautiful love shared. Happy anniversary to my special couple. May you get to have tons of more happy years ahead.

Happy Anniversary Parents Wishes


6. Happy anniversary to my favorite couple. You two make love seem so effortless and so easy. I look forward to seeing you both live in eternal joy and pleasure for the rest of your life.

Happy Anniversary Parents Quotes


7. Seeing you two makes me realize what I want from my life. I hope to grow up and find a partner as loving and understanding as you both are to each other. Many wishes on this wondrous day. Happy anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Parents Messages from Daughter


8. Happy anniversary mom and dad. It’s been 50 years and it’s a great journey that you both have spent together, and I hope in future you get to spend more beautiful moments with us and with each other. Have a great day.

 happy 50th anniversary wishes to my parents


9. Congratulations on spending one more year together guys. We hope to always see you both smiling and laughing together. You make each other smile the hardest. Happy anniversary!

happy wedding anniversary quotes for parents


10. You have solidified my belief in the concept of togetherness. I now know what I want from my significant other when I look for one. Hope that your love keeps growing as each ear passes.

 happy anniversary sayings to parents


11. The bond that you both share is wonderful, and one can’t help but be in awe at how perfect you are for each other. Happy anniversary to mom and dad!

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Parents


12. I wish for thousand more years of happiness, success, prosperity and comfort for you both. May the upcoming years be as beautiful as the ones you have already spent together. Happy anniversary!

happy anniversary wishes parents


13. God really played his best hand when he paired you two together. You complete each other and are the perfect fit. Hope you get more years of completing each other’s sentences and reading each other’s faces. Happy anniversary!

 happy marriage anniversary quotes for parents


14. I thank God for parents who are so utterly and completely in love with each other. Your love and support for each other has always made us feel safe, secure and supported. I’m sure you make each other feel the same. Happy anniversary!

 happy anniversary to my parents wishes


15. Happy anniversary mom and dad! Here’s to a hundred more crookedly perfect years of seeing you both grinning at each other. I love you both! Have a great day.

 happy anniversary message to parents


16. With partners like each other, it is no wonder that you both still look so young and fresh. You both help each other feel the best and that shows on your faces. Happy anniversary!

 happy marriage anniversary quotes for parents


17. True love is being with your partner in their good and their bad days. I have seen you two clap for each other on your successes and pull each other out of pits as well. You have been by each other’s sides for years. No wonder you’re the perfect couple. Happy anniversary.

 happy anniversary parents sayings


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18. Love is acceptance and understanding. It is accepting your partner for their flaws and working on your own flaws to be the best version of yourself for them. Here’s to many more years of making each other better and happier. Happy anniversary to an ever green couple!

 happy anniversary wishes for parents


19. May God bless his countless blessings upon you two as another years passes. You have given togetherness a new meaning. Happy anniversary! I love you.

 happy anniversary quotes from daughter to parents


20. Your relation has given me the perfect representation of what a good and loving marriage is supposed to be like. I am grateful to have you as my parents. Happy anniversary! May you get to have many more years together.

Happy Anniversary Parents Quotes