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20 Touching Happy Anniversary Wishes for Special Couple

We all know that perfect couple, the ones that look like they were meant to meet and be together, that have a special connection like nobody else. Such couples tend to become our goal in relationships and make as discover how real love should look and feel.

On the happy anniversary of a special couple, give or send them a message or wish that shows how much you adore and appreciate them. Your blessings will be highly appreciated, and they will love to know that great friends and family are surrounding them in their journey.

The messages below are a great way to tell these two soulmates how much you cherish them and wish them all the best in their amazing marriage!


Special Couple Happy Anniversary Messages

1. Here’s to another year passed between you both. I wish that the love between you stays as strong and real in the days to come as it has been previously. Happy anniversary, my love!

Special Couple Happy Anniversary Messages


2. As times passes, we add another year to your marriage. As time passes the love between you two grows bigger and better. I hope to keep seeing this garden flowering and growing. Happy anniversary!

special couple anniversary wishes


3. All these years we have seen you both add warmth to each other’s life. I wish that this goes on till eternity. We wish for you to spend the rest of your life adding warmth and light in each other’s heart.

anniversary special quotes for couples


4. Do not care for any troubles or hardships that might come your way in the upcoming years for your love will always be your guiding. Here is to one more year of sharing love. Happy anniversary!

 happy anniversary to a special couple wordings


5. Being married to someone means falling in love with them every day. With one more year down, I look forward to see you both falling in love for the rest of your life. Happy anniversary.

Special Couple Happy Anniversary


6. On this beautiful day, I wish for God to bestow tons and tons of his blessings on the happy couple for the rest of your lives together. I wish for happiness, success, peace and prosperity for the both of you. Happy anniversary.

 happy anniversary to a very special couple quotes


7. Your love looks like on that is bound to last forever. We hope this comes true. Happy anniversary to our favorite special couple.

happy anniversary wishes to a very special couple


8. Your couple is so special that it makes my belief in love grow stronger. Seeing you both together have changed the meaning of love for me and have made it even prettier. Happy anniversary to you both!

special couple anniversary messages


9. We wish for the both of you to have long healthy lives, good fortune and prosperity every step of the way. Happy anniversary.

Special Couple Happy Anniversary


10. The love you both share is beautiful and worth treasuring forever. We hope this love never lessens and as each day passes, it grows into something even more wondrous. Happy anniversary to the favorite couple.

Happy Anniversary Wishes to Special Couple


11. You two make the phrase made for each other seem the realest. Looks like God really did make you both for each other. Hope you get to live in each other embraces for the rest of your lives.

Anniversary Messages For Special Couple


12. You two really make up the Dynamic Duo. May there be lots of dynamic moments of happiness and joy for you both in the years coming ahead. Sending lots of love and blessings your way. Happy anniversary.

Special Couple Happy Anniversary


13. I have never seen anyone complete each other better than you two do. Happy anniversary to the couple that shines the brightest when they are together.

Heartfelt Special Couple Happy Anniversary Greetings


14. When you are both standing next to each other, the room lights up. We look forward to many more years of you two brightening up rooms wherever you go. Happy anniversary to a very beautiful couple.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes for a Special Couple


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15. Your love is like wine. As time passes, it keeps getting sweeter and better. Happy anniversary you two. You are done one more year. We wish you stay as happy and joyous in the upcoming years you both are right now.

Special Couple Happy Anniversary


16. With you two, it seems like you never got out of the honeymoon period. One more year down and we are still in awe at the love you both share. Happy anniversary to a couple that is as golden as they were on the day of their wedding.

Special Couple Happy Anniversary Sayings


17. When I see you two together, I understand that you two really are a match made in heaven. I wish for more years ahead where you both can be each other’s heaven on earth.

Happy Anniversary Greetings for a Very Special Couple


18. I wish you have a lifetime of sweet memories, funny days and peaceful moments with each other. Treasure the memories and each other as well. Sending warm wishes to the most beautiful couple ever. Happy anniversary!

Special Couple Happy Anniversary Messages


19. We hope and wish that the love between you two grows warmer and bigger each year. Here is to one more year of seeing you both be each other’s person and wishing that this love never falters. Happy anniversary loves!

Special Couple's Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes


20. There are very few couples left who are as special as you both. With your ever-green warmth, care, generosity, kindness and love, for each other and for others, you both stand out the most. Happy anniversary to the happy couple. May you have many merry years ahead.

Special Couple Happy Anniversary Messages