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15 Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

When you are an only child but have a lot of cousins that are around your age, you develop long-lasting relationships, just like brothers and sisters. So if you have a cousin that you don’t mind calling your sister and today is her birthday, you need to make her feel perfect during this big day.

You need to tell her what you love most about her and don’t forget to mention how happy you are to have her in your life. Make sure she knows that your friendship will last forever and that she is a cool, amazing person that makes your day better each time you see each other.

Wish her a Happy Birthday cousin sister with a message that she will remember and cherish! Discover our collection below!


Happy Birthday to My Cousin Sister

1. Happy birthday to my favorite cousin. You make all the family events worth it. I look forward to laughing together forever. I hope you have an amazing day.

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister


2. On this day I would like to thank you for always taking my side and supporting me through all my troubles. Thanks for being my wall of rock. Happy birthday.

happy birthday wishes for cousin sister


3. There are very few peoples in my luges who have as huge of an impact on me as you do. You are an exceptional human. I hope you have an exceptional day as well. Happy birthday sister.

 best happy birthday wishes for cousin sister


4. Happy birthday to a person with a heart of gold.  Your kindness warms my heart and your wisdom helps me go forward in life. I hope to have you with me forever.

happy birthday wishes for elder cousin sister


5. Happy birthday to my favorite cousin sister. You have seen me at my highs and my lows and have always extended a helping hand. I offer you my heart and my love.

happy birthday message to cousin sister


6. With a cousin like you, I’ve never felt the absence of a sister. You have shown me how to be a better and kinder person and for that, I’m highly grateful for you. Happy birthday.

 happy birthday to my cousin sister quotes


7. With a person like you in my life, I’m always striving harder to be a better version of myself. You are my idol and an inspiration for me in every area of life. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to Elder Cousin Sister Wishes


8. Happy birthday to my partner in crime. Thank you for making all the family events fun and entertaining. I would’ve been bored out of my mind without you.

 birthday wishes for lovely cousin sister


9. Happy birthday to a person with a beautiful heart and even a more beautiful soul. Thank you for the laughter sessions. You have illuminated my life and made it brighter.

happy birthday to you cousin sister


10. On this auspicious day, I’m sending you lots of warm wishes and prayers your way. I hope you live a life full of God’s blessings and his bounties. Happy birthday, dear.

 happy birthday messages for my best cousin sister


11. Happy birthday to my dearest cousin. You may be my cousin in relation but I consider you as my sister. Sending you all the love and affection.

 birthday wishes for cousin sister like friend


12. Happy birthday, love. Here is yet another chance for you to go after those dreams and get them this time. Your will and your dedication are unmatched. Make this day a memorable one.

 birthday wishes quotes for cousin sister


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13. Here is to have years and years more of being each other’s support system. I wouldn’t have been able to come this far without you. Happy birthday.

 happy birthday message to a cousin sister


14. Happy birthday to a wonderful human being. May your soul be always surrounded by all the good things in life. May peace and happiness be your companions forever.

 happy birthday quotes for a cousin sister


15. On this beautiful day, I wish for you to be able to go through life without any hardships and trouble. May He give you the strength and the ability to face any challenge in your way. Happy birthday.

 birthday wishes for cousin sister