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20 Anniversary Wishes for Friends

For some, friends are the family they never had, so wishing this special couple happy anniversary with a meaningful message can mean the world to them. We all know that wishes that come from the ones we love most are so important, so if you want to express your feelings for these two persons that stood by your side when things got rough, this is the moment.

Real friendships are meant to last forever, but that doesn’t mean that from time to time, you can’t improve it with a thoughtful gift, a great choice of words, or a hug that comes at the right moment. And your best friends anniversary is one of those key moments when you are allowed to get a little bit cheesy with a message that really comes from the heart. They will highly appreciate it, so send these friends an anniversary wish.


Anniversary Quotes for Friends

1. Today I need to give my wishes to a delightful couple. May the festival of this day improve your affection and comprehension for each other. I love you both! Happy anniversary dear friend.

Anniversary Wishes for Friends


2. Your love story is nothing short of a fairy tale. I hope you two get to live in this magic land of yours for the rest of your life away from troubles and worries. There is a tremendous amount of love between you both and the bond you share is exceptional. Happy anniversary.

 happy anniversary wishes for friends


3. Dear companions, one more year you’ve spent as a couple. The hottest wishes for this pleasant event! May your love and affection for each other grow better with each year. Happy anniversary my dear friend.

 wishes on wedding anniversary for a friend


4. Today is the day when you got hitched. I was extremely upbeat that you got the love of your life. I need you both to be together consistently as it keeps my belief in love strong. You two are the best couple. Happy anniversary.

anniversary wish for friend couple


5. It doesn’t make a difference where you’re going; it’s whom you have next to you. All the best to you both on this wonderful and joyous day. Congrats! Happy anniversary, May you have the best time of your life with each other.

 best wishes for marriage anniversary to friend


6. God has blessed you both for life by pairing you together. You both are great at completing each other. Treasure this love forever. The warmth and compassion you have for each other leaves me in awe. I love you both! Happy Anniversary.

happy anniversary wishes for best friend


7. You two are the perfect example of commitment and loyalty. Your love for each other grows each year and I personally am honored to see you both grow and prosper together. Happy anniversary to the best couple.

Anniversary Wishes for Friends


8. Brilliant wishes for the match made n heaven. You both are extremely perfect for each other and we can’t help but be n complete awe at how amazing you both are together. Happy anniversary.

anniversary quotes for friends


9. May the affection between you, bring heaps of satisfaction! Cheerful wedding wishes to the one and only perfect couple! Here is to another year of seeing you share laughter, giggles, and chuckles. We love you and wish you all the joy in the world. Happy Anniversary.

 spiritual anniversary wishes for friends


10. Happy wedding anniversary to the best couple there ever could be. You both are made for each other and no one can come close to how god you both are at loving each other. I can’t wait to see you both in love for the rest of my life.

 wedding anniversary wishes for friends


11. Both of you have had the option to help each other through all the high points and low points throughout everyday life. You both are admirable to the rest of us. Have a long and dazzling wedded life.

anniversary wishes for friends


12. The love you both share is exceptional and one of a kind. I hope to the Lord to get something like what you have for me as I am still in complete awe. Congrats on the anniversary of your wedding. I love you both. Stay happy. Happy anniversary.

anniversary wishes for special friends


13. May this adoration that you feel for one another never blur away yet just develop. Congrats on another year of togetherness. All the best for your wedded life, our dear companions! Let your affection keep you warm forever!

anniversary wishes message for friend


14. Today is an extraordinary day for an exceptional couple who are sharing a beautiful love. May you both appreciate the bond and love that you share. All the best for a day loaded up with affection. Stay happy my friend.

 simple anniversary wishes for friend


15. Sometime in the future, I trust that I can discover the sort of adoration in my life that you have found in one another. Your relationship is really a motivation. Happy anniversary to my favorite people on the planet.

Anniversary Wishes for Friends


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16. To my kind, valuable companions may today be filled with endless bliss and here’s to a lot more long periods of harmony! Happy anniversary. Have a great day

Anniversary Messages for Friends


17. Once again, the most auspicious day of the year is here. I have yet to see a couple more compatible with each other. With love and friendship as strong as yours, I’m sure nothing can tear you apart. Happy anniversary! Here is to many more blissful years of togetherness.

 best wedding anniversary wishes for best friend


18. Viewing you two is so moving. You are one of the loveliest couples I have been regarded to meet and know. Happiest Anniversary. Sending lots of warms wishes and prayers your way. Stay happy with each other.

happy anniversary wishes for friends couple


19. On this gorgeous day, I am sending tons of wishes to you so you can have a cheerful day. You have consistently had me back and been my support system. It is an extraordinary day for you two. Keep loving, may God bless you both.

Anniversary Wishes for Friends


20. On this beautiful day, I wish for God to keep his blessed hand over you and your marriage forever. You both deserve all the happiness in the world and I hope and wish that you spent the rest of your life enveloped in bliss and comfort. Happy Anniversary my friend.

happy anniversary wishes for friends